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achieved, then it can open the floodgates to a new dimension. If we can become conscious of our own existence for some considerable time, we can become 4 dimensional: a solid object through time. This is how it can become possible to glimpse future events. Only after a great effort can any change become evident.  With experience, people can drive cars over great distances in safety without even remembering the route taken, but learning to drive requires effort and persistence. Maybe we are on this road of life all alone, but is there the slightest possibility that we can receive help from above from time to time?
 I do not know if angels (5 dimensional beings) exist or not. I have never recognized one, nor have I given it much thought. Obviously, as I am now extrapolating the relationships between higher dimensions, everything I put forward is pure conjecture. However, in order for me to explain my theory of the apparent nature of the universe, this extrapolation is important.
Maybe I have never seen an angel because they exist on a higher dimension. Maybe it’s because they don’t exist at all. If they do exist, we can imagine them as some sort of super-human. Beings that exist a dimensional leap above all human perception and capability. Maybe they are humans who have evolved enough to undergo a complete transformation. Undoubtedly, they would have no need of a physical body, and there is a common view that angels are made of light, i.e. photons. One of Albert Einstein’s great breakthroughs regarding relativity came to him whilst he was trying to imagine “riding on a beam of light” and how the universe would appear from this viewpoint. Apparently, events would start to slow down as one approaches light speed and then stop as light speed is attained! A point of view from within time as it were. From here, the past and the future are equally accessible: but you must move there physically!  If you are made of light then you have all the time in the world! As angels correlate as four-dimensional beings, they would have the freedom to move backwards and forwards through our notion of time. It follows that time from angels’ point of view is in the 5th dimension, i.e. that angels are trapped in the 5th dimension, in the same way that humans are trapped in the 4th! Angels would perceive an infinite variation in the “multiversal” lives of people and objects as time passes by, but they would perceive 4 dimensional objects before them as we perceive 3 dimensional objects. It’s as if the physical eye of an angel  is able to see objects extrapolated out in front of them, but from their birth all the way to their death! Obviously their point of view is not objective and their spatial horizon could be represented by some distant realities which vary in appearance over “time” due to their manifestation in the 5th dimension. Again, I hope these analogies help: please remember that a dimensional leap is not just a step away!
  Let’s take a different look at our humble match-box. There are at least 5 basic ingredients that make an average box of matches. Cardboard, glue, sand, wood and phosphorus. Each grain of sand that makes up the striking board came from diverse locations, as did the phosphorus, wood etc. Before this match-box was manufactured, it had no form, but it’s individual components have been in existence somewhere since even before the solar system was formed. Once someone has used all the matches up and thrown the box away, it eventually disintegrates, but it’s individual components start a new life somewhere else. When I imagine this on a higher dimension, I think of a  frayed rope like object that has innumerable physically seperated particles at each end and a four dimensional match-box somewhere between the frayed ends. The birth, life and death of this match-box happens between the frays. It’s shape continues to change as I look down it’s length, it becomes battered and crumpled and eventually breaks up completely. This phenomenon can be applied to any object within our universe.
When I was a kid I used to watch John Craven’s Newsround. Designed to inform children of current affairs, one particular item aroused my curiosity when it was announced that boffins had discovered what a four dimensional shadow would look like if projected from a four dimensional cube, or hypercube. The boffin was then seen holding a transparent perspex cube: within this cube was a baby cube suspended in the centre. It wasn’t at all explained that this in fact was a slice through a four dimensional cube rather than a shadow, but it really did impress me that scientists could be so outlandish in their professional careers. Years later I came across a book entitled Tertium Organum by P.D. Ouspensky in which there is a very old sketch of a four dimensional sphere!  Imagine a normal sphere, like a transparent football for example. Now take another transparent sphere twice the diameter
Sketch by Johan Van Manen of a 4 dimensional sphere (in 2 dimensions)
From P.D.Ouspensky’s Tertium organum