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highly embarrassing for the majority (I think they’re in a century long denial period!) but as they say, what goes around comes around.
Returning to circles and spirals (pardon the pun), we can see how a completed cycle doesn’t mean a return to the initial start conditions, but the start of a new cycle. This is how a circle can be a part of a spiral, but viewed from above or below. For example, in the four great empires in history, each one goes through the same cycle, but the most recent is always on a greater scale than its precedent. Therefore this spiral can be seen to revolve in a wider arc, as the cycle’s magnitude increases.
Interestingly, Biblical scholars tell us that the four great empires are degenerating in a downward spiral from the “Golden” Babylonian Empire; the “Silver” Medo-Persian Empire; the “Brass” Greek empire, to the “Iron” of the Roman Empire. This is also a popular example of a “typical” Bible prophecy, originally inspired by Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Daniel, a prophet, interprets these symbols relating to the future of Nebuchadnezzar’s empire, which then come to pass. The convoluted nature of these prophecies can appear to be too cloudy to make sense at first glance, but become quite alarming when probed in detail.
The next point I want to make regarding spirals is only a simplified analogy. If time itself can be imagined to “flow” from the present into the past along the line described by a spiral, then periodically (when a particular cycle comes full circle) there will be an area where the two regions of space overlap as it were, or come into close contact with each other. This is a period where echoes from the past can come to haunt us, or conversely, echoes from the future can come to inspire us! For depending on our relative position, as we look back on the past, at that very same moment, a “window” as it were, opens up for “the past” to get a glimpse of a relative future! These “windows” cut a path directly through the cross-section of the spiral, effectively taking a short cut, and giving the possibility for information to be freed from the shackles of time itself. This is the principle behind “hyperspace”, I do not see the point in people arguing about the feasibility of time travel, when some people are already time “sensitive”. Commonly known as prophets or seers, they are often ignored in encyclopedias simply as they are not considered to be important, whilst many encyclopedias are full of uninteresting facts as they have been considered “safe and uncontroversial”!
I have read one or two classic science fiction novels where time-travel, prescience and/or parallel universes have cropped up in the plot. Here are a few descriptions: In Dune by Frank Herbert, the hero, Paul Atraides has several “prescient” moments concerning his own future. An analogy of a stormy ocean is used to convey to the reader the idea of glimpsing the future. Paul, cast adrift is at the mercy of the sea, being one moment down in a trough between two waves and unable to see anything, the next minute seeing for miles ahead on the crest of a huge wave, for a brief moment able to see vital glimpses of things to come.
Another analogy regarding time I read in Mission by Patrick Tilley. He uses an analogy of a book representing the passage of time.  Even though the whole book is right in front of us, humans can only read one word at a time; we are not allowed to stop reading and we must start at the beginning and go to the end without exception!  In the novel, someone is sent from a higher dimension; he is not confined to our “present” and in the analogy, he can read any page he likes and in any sequence he pleases. More freedom, but more responsibility!
In Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnigut, a race of aliens pity us poor “dimensionally challenged” humans, as we cannot see beyond the present moment in time!
To the aliens they can see events still happening in the past, so if they want to see a long-dead friend, then there’s no problem. To them, it’s as though humans are born with a long, narrow pipe stuck on their faces, so they have incredible tunnel vision, which they call “objective reality”!

Morphic fields.
The principle that information can travel through fields independent of time and space has known various names; the eminent psychologist, Carl Jung called it “a pool of collective sub-consciousness”, and more recently biologist Rupert Sheldrake has put forward the theory of Morphic/Morphogenetic fields. Basically, morphogenetic fields are non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms. They are equivalent to electro-magnetic fields that carry information only, not energy, and are available