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then exploded and spread carbon particles around the universe.
The process that generates carbon is a delicate nuclear reaction (basically a high precision three way collision between helium atoms). If the force that holds atomic nuclei together were just a tiny bit stronger or a tiny bit weaker, the reaction wouldn’t work properly and life may never have happened.
The late British astronomer Fred Hoyle was so struck by the coincidence that the nuclear forces possessed just the right strength to make life possible that he proclaimed the universe to be “a put-up job”!
 So, if there are an infinite variety of multi-verses, then at least one of them has hit the bull’s eye when it comes to the right conditions for supporting life. Perhaps the vast majority of multi-verses are sterile and harsh in comparison to ours, for example where the force of gravity is too strong and galaxies never get the chance to form.
 There cannot be anything beyond “an infinite number of infinities” so this, to me, is as far as one can go with dimensional leaps. Maybe I’m just blinkered. If you can imagine a dimension higher than this, then well done. A 6 dimensional being would be able to perceive everything as a simple object. Everything being nothing less than an infinite number of possible realities in which every single variation within those separate realities is perceived as an object in space. Omnipresence in the ultimate sense of the term. The only possible definition of this “being” is GOD. One crucial aspect of this omnipresence is that it is independent of “time” in any sense! For us humans the past has “gone”; we assume that it no longer exists, as we cannot access it directly. From a higher perspective, the past occupies another region of space no longer perceptible by humans. This means that the event called the Big Bang still exists (as do an infinite number of variations on the Big Bang!). However, for me to state that all possible futures already exist would be a supposition. I am going to suggest this as a possibility, but not by using dimensional relationships as evidence.
I am well aware that the labels  angels, arc-angels and God are anthropomorphic and are therefore potentially misleading. I can offer no alternative words which would help in the understanding of this hierarchical model. The fact that all words are labels is something that we all forget by sheer habit; the concepts these words contain will mean different things to different people, depending on their experiences, cultural background, education and level of interest, for example.   
The model I have presented is a simple extrapolation of mathematical rules; if you would like to read more on this subject I recommend P.D.Ouspensky’s “Tertium Organum”. Although written around the outbreak of World War I, this astonishing work is a forerunner of the multi-verse theory, but it also considers Man’s consciousness to be a manifestation of “something higher” hidden outside of our perceptions.
 Ancient Symbolism meets modern physics.
 The next part of my theory takes a look at ancient symbolism in mythology and how modern science is re-finding old truths!
I have often been scared witless with the shock of experiencing something I had once thought would never happen. I can recall many childhood memories where I have imagined a future scenario in which the conclusion was: “ It will never happen to me!” Big mistake. For many years I had no idea how these events could be explained rationally, but now I do.
 An explanatory mechanism may lie in the structural form of things. Physicists tell us that matter exists as particles/ waves (or wavicles, no less) and that they themselves might be composed of 10, 11 and 26 dimensional superstings. More precisely, superstrings can be described as spiral in structure, or to be very precise, as “translation invariant helicoids”(This is an example of a minimal surface: a pre-requisite form for it to be taken seriously by physicists!). Spirals in general are very common in nature: including tornadoes, spirulina algae, seashells and the molecular structure of DNA. Some of these forms are caused due to the spin of the Earth and the resulting Coreolis effect. A spiraling electric force controls