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called experts in interpretation have had to eat humble pie with the rather unexpectedly cold end to the Cold War. However, the innumerable verbal predictions that came true within his own lifetime underlines his strange ability. Perhaps he was able to control his remote sensing,  “zooming in” on specific events in order to make sense of things as a whole. If so, he might have saved himself a lot of effort by focusing on viewing a copy of his own finished book of prophecies, and then he could have simply jotted them all down!
There are a huge number of highly “disturbing” prophecies littered throughout The Bible and in other more obscure occult literature. On top of straightforward prophesies, certain biblical scholars claim there is a code hidden within the text of the Bible. Apparently, Sir Isaac Newton spent more time searching for a code in The Bible than he did on physics and mathematics! In his own words, “ The Bible is a cryptogram set by The Almighty.” Someone burned all his research on his death…   
Professional cryptographers have even been obliged to acknowledge verification of experiments performed by Bible code “believers”! However, the language used is typical of science’s cold, almost blind apathy towards this type of experiment. Go to http://www.bibleprophesy.com/codes.htm in which Mr.Harold Gans (a cryptography expert) gives an interesting statement.
In the late 19th century, Ivan Panin detailed a wealth of “gematric” codes in The Bible.   Gematria are codes involving the numerical values of Greek and Hebrew letters (these languages have always been structured in this way). Please go to http://members.cox.net/8thday/panin.html for a wide range of mathematical conundrums littered within The Bible that no one has managed to de-bunk!
Oracles of this nature are not exclusive to The Bible. The Chinese “ Book of Changes”, arguably the oldest piece of literature in the world, it is commonly known as the “I Ching”. For an introduction to this subject please go to http://pacificcoast.net/~wh/Index.html
The eminent psychologist, Carl G. Jung studied the I Ching for many years, using it as a guide in his research! Closely linked to the idea of multiverses, the I Ching is an oracle regarding what choices should be made depending on the current situation. Basically, according to the I Ching there are a total of 64 possible scenarios (called hexagrams) concerning Man and Nature. Often, a complex mixture of two or more of these hexagrams will guide anyone who poses a question to the I Ching.
Other oracles such as astrology, Tarot and Ouija exist, but few explanatory mechanisms have been put forward, simply as no model has yet explained the mystery of time. Our linear perception of time cannot encompass a theory that suggests that an understanding of “reality” is way beyond our perceptive capacities!
In the introduction I mentioned using experimental data as evidence to back-up my theory.  Here it is. In New Scientist magazine (27/3/2004) Michael Brooks takes a look at “Quantum entanglement”. Einstein famously called it spukhafte fernwirkungen “spooky action at a distance”. It is not hard to understand why. Set things up correctly, and you can instantaneously affect the physical properties of a particle on the other side of the universe simply by prodding it’s entangled twin.
This is no longer just a curiosity of the quantum world, visible only in excruciatingly delicate experiments. Even as far back as 1997 a group of physicists managed to separate a pair of entangled particles some seven miles apart! This was far enough to prove that information can “bypass” the speed of light. There was no time delay whatsoever when the vital “prod” was given. An instantaneous reaction was recorded in the “prodded” particles twin!  Physicists now believe that entanglement between particles exists everywhere, all the time, and have recently found shocking evidence that it affects the wider, macroscopic world that we inhabit.
The results of experiments using magnetic Holmium salts, proved that it behaves in a magnetic field as if its atoms were entangled, rather than as if each atom were working independently. Sayantani Gnosh, at the University of Chicago performed these experiments (Nature, vol.425, P48).
But this is nothing compared to the bombshell that Caslav Bruckner of the university of Vienna has just dropped. As if our current understanding of entanglement was not sketchy enough, Brukner, working with Vlatko Vetral and two other researchers at Imperial College, has uncovered a radical twist. They have shown that moments of time can become entangled too. Please go to
A Quantum Entangled Photon that has “decayed/repelled” into an entangled pair