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 I  have, on occasion, seen glimpses of my own future. I have often reacted negatively, or moreover glimpsed negative future scenarios and then tried to rationalize them - ultimately by thinking that it was just some co-incidence, déjà vu or even barking insanity - rather than that I can really glimpse future events. (Here are some examples.) In vain .The first concrete confirmation that I was not alone in this rather disturbing ability came when I was 22. I was reading Richard Bach's A Bridge across Forever when I came across one of his own personal examples of glimpsing the future. However, my logic circuits immediately came up with the possibility that Richard Bach is barking mad too.
Only recently have I come across crucial pieces of the puzzle, like a keystone on which everything hinges. If scientific experimental proof is our current yardstick with which to determine reality, then the experimental data in my conclusion is what I am using as evidence to back-up my theory. The clues are everywhere; in nature, mythology, religion, history and science, but they are very hard to see  - mainly due to our limited perception of the world, especially the nature of time and space.
 Fritjof Capra's book The Tao of Physics takes a fascinating plunge into the stunning parallels between ancient Eastern mysticism and modern sub- atomic physics. Basically, if Eastern mysticism is seen as some enormous fractal like tree - a beautiful, delicate and complex pattern of nature, then
sub -atomic physics tells us what this tree is made of. One perfectly compliments the other,
leading me to the conclusion that Man can indeed be in tune with the universe after all. The
ancients found “truth” through a system of “interior” meditations, whilst quantum physicists
perform “exterior” experiments, in which they smash particles head on and analyse the resulting damage. Encouragingly for both camps, it is remarkable to what extent they describe the same patterns of organization in the fabric of the universe.  Nowadays we live in a material world where we often don’t even consider the possibility that ancient civilizations can tell us a thing or two about the nature of reality. However, matter is still a mystery, which we often forget. What is matter?
 A popular scientific description of matter on the smallest possible scale is Superstring theory.   Apparently, superstrings exist both in and beyond our 4 dimensional space-time. Researchers have calculated that they may possess ten, eleven or even twenty-six dimensions. They are so small that it defies the imagination. Basically, the Sun is to an electron as an electron is to a superstring! A superstring is an open-ended ‘string’ or helix, rather than a particle. It simultaneously co-exists at and between its two ends. Or that's how it appears to us mere mortals, trapped down here in the 4th dimension.
Solid matter is in fact 99.99999% empty space; a ghost like web of energy formed into infinitely small shells, or quanta, which are continually inter-acting and producing an incredible range of phenomena, namely the universe and everything in it.  From rocks to rockets, and from algae to astronauts, all matter is made of the same energy. At one extreme of the scale is the humble, virtually non-existent “extra”-dimensional superstring, and at the other end of the scale there is the entire universe and beyond. The only real difference between them is size. Everything is made of superstrings. As everything is nearly entirely composed of empty space, then how come we have the feeling of solidity?  Things aren’t as solid as they seem. The forces governing this illusion of solidity are so well embedded into the fabric of nature that we need sophisticated machines in order to “see” this ghost-like reality!
What really exists? This is not a trick question, I assure you. If we are honest, then the answer might be on the lines of (1) our individual existence and (2) the outside World. Apart from these two apparent observations, we can take nothing for granted.
Starting with nothing, and ending with God, I am going to describe a hierarchy that exists between these two extremes. Basically, for each natural level of existence in nature, there exists a co-responding dimension in space. Each level has it’s own perception of the universe, which becomes more objective as one climbs up the ladder. The basic levels in nature I have categorized into: Space, Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Angel and God.
 I must admit that certain words make me cringe e.g.; angel, arc-angel and God, but I cannot avoid using these labels, so please bear with me. If it helps, you can think of them in terms of energy or