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spaghetti strings all running in parallel to your own. An infinite number of “you”, each one living in his or her own universe! According to this theory, we are not conscious of our other existences, just as they are not conscious of ours.
 Obviously, humans are not even masters of the fourth dimension. We know it exists; we can measure the passing of moments with accurate clocks; make plans for the future; remember the past etc, but we cannot manipulate time.  However, unlike rocks, plants and animals, we have freewill. Or do we? For example, if I choose to turn left at a fork in the road, and then get run over by a car, I cannot change that decision and see what future the other road would have held. We have only Hobson’s choice. Presented with a hundred alternatives, we can only take one at that particular moment. Does this mean that all human decision making is pre-destined?
 Pre-destination against freewill is undoubtedly one of the big questions of philosophy and religion. I’m convinced that science has already offered the solution, which is typical of mankind’s way of finding answers to problems by looking for something else in the opposite direction. The relatively recent theory of multiverses put forward by quantum physicists is the equivalent of a 5 dimensional surface. Basically, there isn’t one pre-destined universe, but an infinite number of universes running in parallel with one another, where alternative realities are played out. Even though Hugh Everett first presented the idea in 1957, it is only within the last decade that it is being accepted by an ever-increasing number of physicists. Ultimately this will become an infinite number of physicists if experimental data continues to back it up. Please go to http://www.propagandamatrix.com/articles/july2004/220704multiversetheory.htm
Heretical ideas always take time to be digested. Often it takes lifetimes of argument before science can say anything with relative certainty. Things like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle for example. Even the name has been badly translated; it should be called Heisenberg’s indeterminability principle, but it’s easier to say uncertainty.
Anyway, multi-verse theory means that when I come to a fork in the road, both decisions are played out, but in a 5 dimensional reality. In one universe I get run over by a car, in the other one I take the other road and avoid injury.The next question is why? Does it seem fair that in one universe I get run over and in the other one I don’t? For me, the simple answer is you get what you deserve. Our universe may seem like an inherently unfair place, simply because we don’t see far enough ahead or remember far enough behind.
  How many times have we been presented with opportunities to do something good and simply ignored them? Those memories are easy to forget. How much bad luck can we remember? Loads of it! I think there is a direct correlation between the two. Here is an analogy describing Man’s current situation. Our  nature can be likened to that of a horse, carriage and driver with reins, whose task is to transport a passenger wherever he wants to go. The horse refers to our physical energy; the carriage correlates to our body; the driver is our mind, which controls the horse via the reins, which are our emotions. Unfortunately, most drivers would laugh out loud at the very idea of there being a passenger.  “ Oh no, this is my horse and carriage and I will go where I please!” Most drivers give their horse and carriage at least some necessary servicing and repair, but only to satisfy their own never-ending desires. Yes, I’m talking about ego-centricity. In most cases, we are in denial of the passenger’s existence, continually ignoring our conscience, or worse still, throwing it out of the carriage altogether! Freed from our duty as mere driver, we career blindly onward in denial towards bigger and bigger disasters. Only when we accept that our mind works on a dimension lower than our true self can we start to make sense of our situation. In order to satisfy our passenger’s needs, the priority is obviously to offer him a safe, reliable and preferably comfortable journey. The task of the driver is to transport the passenger wherever he may want to go. The driver doesn’t need to know why as the passenger, by his very nature, always knows where to go. If the driver represents the logic circuits then the passenger would represent intuition. Very few logically minded people would ever rely on something as fickle as intuition, which I think is a shame.
If we try and simply remember being in the present moment, we will be disappointed when we realize that we cannot remember for very long! We forget all the time. It takes an enormous mental effort to break the cycle of forgetfulness. However, if enough effort and persistence in this exercise is
Buddha attaining enlightenment sat under the Bo fig tree
(ficus religiosus)