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volcanic obsidian of South America to flint in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Blades of razor sharp flint could be produced quickly if you knew how to deliver the right blow to the right area on the core flint, having first “scored” the desired shape around the core. Flint making is a very complex craft; the chance of this new method being discovered independently by several isolated groups at the same time is absurd. Immediately, this puts into doubt the theory that fire was discovered by one initial group, rather than it being discovered independently by many other groups through “the pool of sub-consciousness” or morphogenetic fields. There are many more examples of these fields: go to http://experiencefestival.com/morphogenetic (the story of “The Hundredth Monkey” is a good introduction to this amazing subject.)
 More recent evidence for people thinking independently on the same lines can fill textbooks with “Who first invented…?” Did Newton come up with calculus or was it Liebniz? Newton, in the Principia acknowledged that Liebniz had developed, independently, a “method of the same kind…which hardly differed from mine.” But this later led to argument over whose discovery had come first! In a similar way, Darwin only published his “Origin of the species” when he heard that his rival Wallace was about to publish his own text on the same subject!
 The CIA goes psychic.
Current evidence for morphic fields having some foundation in “the real world” has even infiltrated the corridors of the CIA, where they refer to it as “remote viewing”. Go to http://biomindsuperpowers.com/Pages/CIA-InitiatedRV.html for more information.
  Another related research field is the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) in which human consciousness has been proven to be capable of influencing sophisticated machinery. In these experiments, human operators attempt to influence the behavior of a variety of mechanical, electronic, optical, acoustical, and fluid devices “to conform to pre-stated intentions, without recourse to any known physical processes”. In other words they cause a change by focusing their brainwaves at the machines. It seems that the team at PEAR are very concerned about an accidental nuclear war being launched by irate maintenance engineers working in nuclear silos! For more go to http://www.princeton.edu/~pear/2.html
 If you like reading physicist’s jargon, there’s the totally incomprehensible “ Chaos and Order in Bohm-Vigier Physics with Self-Organizing Post-Quantum Back-Action” in which the true nature of time, space mind and matter remain well hidden! Go to http://www.qedcorp.com/pcr/pcr/vigier/crowell/pqmv4.html          
for highly entertaining gobbledy-gook.
 Oracles, Prophets and Statistics.
I haven’t yet mentioned people like Nostrodamus, Malachi, St. John and other Biblical prophets. Do I really need to? The more ancient a document, the more the chance is of finding translation errors, copying errors and errors of judgment regarding the interpretation!
If the flow of time is indeed an illusion, then prophecy can be described as “sub-conscious extra-temporal perception”, or seeing the future.
Michel de Notredame indicated that he stared into a bowl of water fixed to a tripod, like a poor man’s crystal ball. Maybe he saw things randomly, guessing at their importance and time-slot, desperate to glean the slightest clue to aid humanities’ struggle for the truth, whilst watching mesmerized as a scene from the movie “Matrix” drifted across his bowl of water. This might go towards explaining why most of his prophecies are convoluted! Apparently this “clouding of the waters” was intentional, in order to save his skin from the Spanish inquisition. Merely presenting all future events in clear, unequivocal terms would have got Nostrodamus burnt at the stake faster than a bolt of lightning. In his days, this would have been likened to devil worship rather than it being seen as a clear sign of God’s work.  After having read several hundred of his quatrains, I might say that he certainly did consider his life in danger on many occasions, as did everyone else in his day. Some of his predictions are so obscure that innumerable interpretations can be repeatedly tied to them, ad infinitum! Even so-
  Dr. Albert Einstein
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