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too close they fly out and sting it.
Somehow the sea slug manages to swallow his prey without getting stung. He seems to know how to put a safety catch on the whiplash stings, which remain coiled up and therefore harmless. But he makes no attempt to digest them; instead, he sets about making use of them, just as they are. Nature has provided this sea slug with some narrow hair-lined tubes linking his stomach to the surface of his body. Slowly and carefully he works the stings out through these channels and arranges them in strategic positions on his back. Whatever the secret safety-catch may have been, he removes it once the sting is safely positioned, and then he is ready to sting his own enemies.
Another example concerns a species of empipid fly, which spends most of its time living on the back of a golden web spider. It waits for the spider to inject his prey with a digestive juice, and then hops off the spiders back for a quick slurp, whilst the spider waits for his meal to tenderize. This fly has to avoid contact with both the web, the digestive juice, and of course the spider! It takes him only a few seconds to gorge himself to the full, because his mouth is specially formed for sucking liquids quickly. Once it has eaten, it flies back on to the spider’s back. Again, the perfection we see now seems to show direct goal oriented intent, rather than blind, so-called “ beneficial genetic translation errors ”.
 Memories of experiences encoded in DNA?
One theory, like morphogenetic fields, suggests that actual memories of events experienced by parents can be encoded in DNA strands and passed on to the next generation. Recent research has shown that a migrating bird actually stopped for a rest on exactly the same tree as his father had done on a previous migration. The fact that the young bird had never been on this migration beforehand adds weight to this idea. In a similar way, juvenile bluetits can peel back the lids of milk bottles without having seen it demonstrated to them. The appearance of milk bottle lids on the planet’s surface followed by their exploitation by said bluetits, on a geological timescale is meaningless. It is almost simultaneous!      
 I know someone who took part in an experiment whereby she was hypnotized into a “previous life” and then asked a series of specific questions about her environment. Only her answers came from a man who claimed to be a thief who lived in London some 200 years ago. She told me her answers to questions like “How much is a loaf of bread?” came naturally and without hesitation, although she describes a certain detachment from the whole experience. She successfully named the road where “he” lived, the church at the end of the road and when asked “ how much does margarine cost?” answered, “What’s that?” The person conducting these experiments was well equipped with computers giving him details of old town maps, etc so that any information could be verified during the séance. All the information “he” gave was correct, the name of the thief is known, but at the time of writing I don’t yet know if this thief has been identified as an ancestor of the hypnotized lady.
Maybe Jung’s pool of collective sub-consciousness is synonymous with this racial memory. Past civilizations have often relied on wisdom gleaned by the interpretation of dreams, a realm where our sub-consciousness is able to access information and communicate it to us via symbolic metaphor whilst we are fast asleep. I must agree with people who argue that dreams are “mental diarrhea” for most of us, most nights. But we all have the potential to have what Jung called a “big dream”, in which fundamental truths about the destiny of mankind are given to individuals for them to be shared with the rest of the population.  I’m sure we are becoming further detached from our sub-consciousness in recent times, and as a consequence our reflection in the mirror during dreamtime looks like mental diarrhea!
Approximately 500,000 years ago, Homo erectus discovered how to use fire. Archaeologists using carbon 14 dating techniques noticed that the earliest artificially made fires dated very closely to one another, but in various locations all over the planet! Realizing that direct communication was out of the question at this time, archeologists argued that the initial fire using group of Homo erectus split up into smaller groups and engaged on a whirlwind tour of the Earth, leaving traces of their passage in the ashes of their ancient fires.
However, approximately 20,000 years ago, mankind discovered a revolutionary method for making flint tools. Again, this discovery was on a global scale in various diverse locations, from the
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