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Examples of glimpsing future events

Category 1 “If I never live there everything will be alright!”

Example 1.

Age: about 9 years old: Standing and waiting at a familiar bus-stop, I was idly judging the row of houses nearby when I found myself wondering about what sort of house I would live in one day...
I distinctly remember focusing on one of the pokey looking terraced two up two downs and saying to myself  “If I never live there then everything will be alright!”

Age 22: Standing at the window of No. 4, Oxley Square, Huddersfield, looking outside at the familiar bus-stop where the memory of a 9 year old me comes racing back! I had forgotten long ago having “sewn this particular seed”. The long series of  co-incidences that led to me renting this house with a friend are details that I do not want to bother with here, but it’s the structure that is important.

Example 2

Age: about 12 years old: Sitting in our family car on the way home from a holiday, we were on a flyover in Birmingham when I looked down and saw “the concrete jungle” a negative feeling came over me “If I never live there then everything will be alright”

Age: 19: Walking to university from Church Street, Birmingham under a flyover (which  I cannot guarantee was the one from which I “glimpsed”) but the same gut wrenching feeling was there: How is this possible? Am I crazy? I knew this was important but it used frighten me so much.

Example 3

Age 15: Standing waiting for a bus in a village near Huddersfield, idly judging a house on the opposite side of the road. Would I live in a house like that when I’m older? (A pokey looking semi-detached) “Everything will be alright if I never live there!”

Age 28: A couple of friend’s invited me round one evening and told me they were moving house and might I be interested in renting their flat? Yes. I did rent it for 6 years... About two years passed before I remembered the moment I’d  flatly refused the possibility of living there! But the shock of remembering having played the “where won’t I live” game wasn’t as strong as in the first example.
Still worrying, but now a pattern seemed to be emerging.

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